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Meadow Industries is a market leader in the provision of repaired and remanufactured hydraulic cylinders.

With extensive engineering capabilities and years of hands-on experience, Meadow Industries is the best when it comes to restoring severely damaged hydraulic cylinders to prime working condition at the best possible price.

We are able to completely overhaul hydraulic cylinders of any size. Our workshop is fully equipped with hydraulic testing facilities and dismantling presses. We have honing capabilities up to 12,000mm length and 800mm bore with nut and gland tensioning up to 200,000nM allowing piston nuts to be torqued accurately to OEM specifications. Stripping facilities also include 20-tonne linear stripping force.

We are proud to offer benefits to clients of our extensive testing facilities which are compatible with mineral oils and fire retardant soluble fluids. Our welding bay included an automatic bore welder, capable of reclaiming cylinder clevises-large or small.

Hydraulic cylinders operating in Australia’s harsh conditions can endure a tough workload. While it may be possible to rush a cylinder back into basic working order after a component failure, these sorts of superficial repairs are always temporary.

It takes the specialised equipment and expert understanding that Meadow Industries provides to truly restore the best performance and reliability of the unit.