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Cylinder Manufacture & Repairs

Meadow Industries is a market leader in the provision of repaired and remanufactured hydraulic cylinders. With extensive engineering capabilities and years of hands-on experience, Meadow Industries is the best when it comes to restoring severely damaged hydraulic cylinders to prime working condition at the best possible price.

We are able to completely overhaul hydraulic cylinders of any size. Our workshop is fully equipped with hydraulic testing facilities and dismantling presses. We have honing capabilities up to 12,000mm length and 800mm bore with nut and gland tensioning up to 200,000nM allowing piston nuts to be torqued accurately to OEM specifications. Stripping facilities also include 20-tonne linear stripping force.

We are proud to offer benefits to clients of our extensive testing facilities which are compatible with mineral oils and fire retardant soluble fluids. Our welding bay included an automatic bore welder, capable of reclaiming cylinder clevises-large or small.

Hydraulic cylinders operating in Australia’s harsh conditions can endure a tough workload. While it may be possible to rush a cylinder back into basic working order after a component failure, these sorts of superficial repairs are always temporary. It takes the specialised equipment and expert understanding that Meadow Industries provides to truly restore the best performance and reliability of the unit.

CNC Machining

Using the latest technology in machinery and software, Meadow Industries is able to produce quality products at a competitive price within a short lead time. We can machine complex products straight from your electronic model. Alternatively, we can create these models for you and feed this information into any one of our CNC machines. Some of our equipment includes Hartford Borer, Horizontal borer, Doosan, Daewoo and Mori Seiki lathes and machine centres.

Our large range of CNC machining and CAD/CAM programming capabilities, including grinding, precision boring, and wire EDM equipment, coupled with our extensive experience in machining non-traditional metals and alloys gives our clients the best comprehensive metalworking service in the industry.

Our comprehensive milling, turning, and grinding capabilities are streamlined to increase productivity with multiple precision machined parts produced simultaneously, streamlining complex geometries into a single process, meeting the most demanding tolerances to shorten lead times for manufacturing in production volumes.

Hydraulic Repairs

In our dedicated hydraulic section, we supply and overhaul pumps, motors, drill motor valves and underground mining drill rigs. We can ensure that all items are not only repaired correctly but are fully tested to OEM specifications.

We have built our business on providing the best available rebuild service. Our staff has the skills and experience to provide a guaranteed rebuild service for hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves, centrifugal pumps, industrial gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, gears and splines. We pride ourselves on always using improved replacement parts.

We are a service and sales agent for Enerpac. We specialise in the repair of all brands of 10,000 psi tooling and provide safety audits where required. Our workshops are well equipped with comprehensive hydraulic pump and motor testing equipment.

Because of our history as a major repairer, we have been able to establish supply lines that help minimise our customers’ equipment downtime. We have onsite hydraulic service technicians to help minimise downtime if required.

Onsite Testing & Calibration

Meadow Industries, in partnership with Enerpac, are proud to offer our customers onsite service and calibration of all hydraulic and pneumatic torque tools. Our site compliant vehicles are servicing the mining and industrial regions of the Hunter Valley, Lithgow and Gunnedah area.

These mobile units carry out safety audits of all 700 bar hydraulic tools used on site.
All work is carried out by our fully trained and qualified service technicians who will exceed your expectations and meet the required timelines.

Available Services

  • Calibration of hydraulic torque tools.
  • Calibration of manual torque wrenches.
  • 700 bar safety tooling audits – includes visual inspection and pressure testing on all hydraulic cylinders, tooling hoses, hydraulic tooling pumps and bolting tools. Items inspected are tagged and a summary audit report is provided upon completion.
  • Minor repairs to 700 bar hydraulic cylinders.
  • Minor repairs to 700 bar hydraulic pumps.
  • Safety training in the safe operation of Enerpac 10,000 psi tooling.

General Machining

With many years of experience and a machine shop that includes an extensive range of equipment and highly skilled operators – we are ready to take on almost any machining job you can put in front of us.

Our machine bay is a fully functional workshop fitted out with a wide range of the best equipment, operated by the most experienced machinists to ensure our clients get all the benefits of the highest quality work being carried out in the industry today.

Our fully equipped and expertly staffed facility gives us the capability to manufacture a large variety of machinery components. Our machining division also specialises in the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders of every type, we excel at all size tasks, from major rebuilds all the way down to a small resealing job.

Meadow Industries specialises in machining in a vast range of materials. This includes expertise in working with the hard wearing alloys as well as the delicate plastics and non-metallic compounds. We manufacture the highest quality aftermarket components equal to or greater than OEM specifications at highly competitive prices.

Precision Honing

We are highly experienced in the precision honing of hydraulic cylinder barrels. With two honing machines, we are able to precision hone a bore range from 25mm to 800mm diameter. Our surface finishes are guaranteed to be within seal manufacturer’s specifications. We have an extensive range of Dial Ball gauges for absolute consistency over the full length of the barrel.

At Meadow Industries we know that any downtime in your business results in lost production time and lost money. That’s why we have invested in the best equipment, the most skilled operators and the finest attention to detail to provide our clients with a precision honing, component rebuild and repair service that significantly reduces the costs associated with any downtime of your equipment. This results in a great boost to productivity and a significant reduction in expenditure.

As soon as an oil leak shows you that a cylinder needs repair, contact us and ask about our specialist repair and rebuild service. A leak indicates a risk that contaminants will enter the system, which can cause scratches in the cylinder wall, accelerating seal wear and causing internal leaks. These leaks lead to decreased performance and a shorter service life.

A Meadow Industries honed cylinder leads to a secure seal, smooth operation, and the best-extended seal life for any of your hydraulic cylinders. We improve bore geometry and create the perfect amount of crosshatch surface finish for good oil retention and ring support. Our specialist honing service has many advantages, including correction of geometrical issues and minor surface irregularities, uniform wear, improved lubrication and extended life of your seals.

Mechanical Repairs

Meadow Industries Mechanical shop is a one-stop-shop for all your heavy mechanical needs. The workshop is fitted out ready for any size mechanical works. Our hydraulic technicians are the best in the business at mechanical repairs and servicing. We provide on-site and in-house repairs of all hydraulic machinery and mechanical equipment. We are proficient in repairing and servicing all heavy vehicles.

Meadow Industries gets your equipment serviced and your team back up and running, with minimal inconvenience, in a short time frame. We have our own mobile service vehicles which are equipped to handle all types of hydraulic breakdowns and repairs that may be needed.


  • 150 tonne press.
  • 30 tonne overhead crane.
  • Press tooling and jigs for all types of applications.
  • Gearbox testing rigs.
  • Parts cleaners.


Our main projects consist of structural and general fabrication, pipe fabrication and pressure welding. Our team are highly qualified and expertly competent in all aspects of metal fabrication, giving you the benefit of a professionally finished job in a prompt time frame.

We custom fabricate from scratch anything that you need using our comprehensively equipped fabrication workshop. We run all the specialised machinery required to fabricate hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, featuring robust weld construction.

Meadow Industries has proven itself as the operator of choice for any stand-alone fabrication and machining requirement, we add great value for our customers with the integration of talents required for these tasks as well as higher level assembly and testing to the most exacting requirements.