Precision Honing

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We are highly experienced in the precision honing of hydraulic cylinder barrels. With two honing machines, we are able to precision hone a bore range from 25mm to 800mm diameter.

Our surface finishes are guaranteed to be within seal manufacturer’s specifications. We have an extensive range of Dial Ball gauges for absolute consistency over the full length of the barrel.

At Meadow Industries we know that any downtime in your business results in lost production time and lost money. That’s why we have invested in the best equipment, the most skilled operators and the finest attention to detail to provide our clients with a precision honing, component rebuild and repair service that significantly reduces the costs associated with any downtime of your equipment. This results in a great boost to productivity and a significant reduction in expenditure.

As soon as an oil leak shows you that a cylinder needs repair, contact us and ask about our specialist repair and rebuild service. A leak indicates a risk that contaminants will enter the system, which can cause scratches in the cylinder wall, accelerating seal wear and causing internal leaks. These leaks lead to decreased performance and a shorter service life.

A Meadow Industries honed cylinder leads to a secure seal, smooth operation, and the best-extended seal life for any of your hydraulic cylinders. We improve bore geometry and create the perfect amount of crosshatch surface finish for good oil retention and ring support.

Our specialist honing service has many advantages, including correction of geometrical issues and minor surface irregularities, uniform wear, improved lubrication and extended life of your seals.